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Lumateq LED Wall Packs


Broan Introduces ULTRA – Fans Set New Revolutionary Standard for Fast Installation, Quiet Ventilation

BroanNutone Launches the Ultra Pro Challenge

ULTRAPRO Challenge Header

A unique design that’s attractive and functional, the 791LED ventilation fan with LED light is our latest innovative in lighting technology.


BroanNutone answers the Green Building Exhaust Fan Question:   SSQTXE080                  an economic alternative to other systems

Mersen Launches Two New Surge-Trap Products:

Surge-Trap Pluggable SPD and Surge-Trap Type 1 SPD

 Mersen’s new USGCC & USGM series fuseholders deliver the ultimate ease-of-use, time (labor) saving and reliable solution available in the marketplace.

USG Series

BRK SC9120B Hardwired ionization/CO combination alarm meets new construction requirements

Halex- QuikStrap™ Cable Stapler installs wire in half the time!

Halex Stapler

Sillites- The original SCR Self-Contained Receptacle